Collaborative Research Opportunities

Research is an essential component of undergraduate biochemistry education at Mount Holyoke. It provides an effective mechanism of exposing students to cutting-edge research topics, elaborate techniques, sophisticated instrumentation, and a productive means of knowledge acquisition and integration. Research experience helps to prepare our majors to become independent learners, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers and to work productively with other scientists.

Biochemistry majors are encouraged to engage in research collaboration with Mount Holyoke faculty members, and research investigators elsewhere, during the academic year and summer internships. Typically, this type of collaboration results in co-authored presentations and publications. Very often, independent research culminates into senior theses.

Shelly T Hsiao '10: I love practicing medicine and feel confident in my skills because of the solid science education and chemistry research experiences.
Emily Harcourt ’09: because of my student research experience working the chemistry lab, I work comfortably with different techniques across disciplines.
Jennifer Trehey O'Malley '89
Jennifer Trehey O'Malley '89: I found surgery was not my life's work, but this thing called research I ended up loving.
"Emma O'Leary '16 "
Emma O’Leary ’16: Biochemistry fulfills my need to be intrigued, confronted with complex questions, and participate in independent research.
Hannah Arbach ’15: my experience in the biochemistry department has given me the confidence to independently find information and solve problems.
Katherine Kraschel ’06 JD, Associate Counsel
Katherine Kraschel ’06: each day at Harvard Law School, I apply the critical and analytic thinking skills my professors at MHC pushed me to sharpen.