Senior Theses 2008

Dana Alessi
The Mechanism of Thermal Dissociation of a Prion Peptide Aggregate.

Sarah Barnes
The Effect of Varying Potassium Chloride Concentrations on the Production of Full-Length Transcripts in Prokaryotic Transcription Initiation.

Angela Diciccio
In-Depth Investigation of the Effects of Wettability and Surface Topography on Protein Adsorption.

Xuyen Ho
The Effect of Initial Transcribed Sequence (ITS) with Different Purine/Pyrimidine content On Abortive Initiation and Promoter Escape In E. coli RNA Polymerase.

Jacqueline Wade
Investigating the Kinetic and Thermodynamic Effects of the 8-oxo-Guanine Lesion In Short DNA Duplexes.

Jessica Wiwczar
Probing an E. coli RNA Polymerase Open Complex Contact in the Discriminator Region of the T5 N25 Promoter.

Mai Yasunaga
Structural Studies of DHP:  Probing the Active Site of Dehaloperoxidase By Comparisons of H55R Mutant and Wild-Type DHP.

Alyona Yermalovich
Investigation of the Function of Two RING Finger Proteins of Dictyostelium discoideum by Means of Ubiquitination and Localization Analyses.