Amy Frary, Ph.D.

Professor of Biological Sciences


A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1990
Ph.D., Cornell University, Dept. of Plant Breeding, 1995

Postdoctoral Training

Dept. of Plant Breeding, Cornell University, 1995-1997

Research Interests

1. The molecular genetics of quantitative traits
2. Plant genome organization and evolution


  • Biology 200  Introduction to Biology II: How Organisms Develop  (spring)
  • Biology 206  Local Flora  (spring)
  • Biology 325  Plant Diversity and Evolution  (fall)

Selected Publications

Frary A, Doganlar S, Ratnaparkhe MB (2008) Comparative Mapping. In: Kole C and Abbott AG (eds) Principles and Practices of Plant Genomics,Volume 1. Science Publishers, Inc, Enfield, New Hampshire, USA.

Yogeeswaran K, Frary A, York TL, Amenta AR, Lesser AH, Nasrallah JB, Tanksley SD, Nasrallah ME (2005) Comparative genome analyses of Arabidopsis spp. - inferring chromosomal rearrangement events in the evolutionary history of A. thaliana. Genome Research 15:505-515.

Frary, A, Fritz, L, Tanksley, SD. 2004. A comparative study of the genetic bases of natural variation in tomato leaves, sepals, and petals. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 109:523-533.

Kelley, K, Jung, J, Frary, A. 2004. DNA fingerprinting in Hydrastis canadensis using RAPD analysis. ISHS Acta Horticulturae. 629: 517-525.

Brommonschenkel S., Frary A., Frary A, Tanksley S. 2000. The broad spectrum tospovirus resistance gene Sw-5 of tomato is a homolog of the root knot nematode resistance gene Mi. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions 13:1130-1138.

Frary A., Nesbitt C., Frary A., Grandillo S., Van der Knapp E., Cong B., Liu J., Meller J., Elber R., Alpert K., Tanksley S. 2000. fw2.2: a quantitative trait locus key to the evolution of tomato fruit. Science. 289: 85-88.

Frary A., Frary A., Tanksley S.D. 1999. Use of genomic tools to explore and utilize natural plant variation. In: Borem, A., del Guidice, M.P., Sakiyama, N.S. (eds.) Plant Breeding in the Turn of the Millenium. Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil, pp 241-253.

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