Caleb M. Rounds, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Cell Biology

Curriculum Vitae


  • B.A. English literature: Hamilton College; Clinton, NY; 1992
  • M.A. English literature: Brown University; Providence, RI; 1994
  • Ph.D. Plant Biology: University of Massachusetts Amherst; 2007

Postdoctoral Training

  • Dept. of biology, University of Massachusetts Amherst; 2007-2011

Research Interests

  1. Polarized tip growth in plant cells
  2. Calcium regulation in plant cells
  3. Actin dynamics in plant cell growth


  • Biology 321F Molecular Physiology of the Cell
  • Biology 220 Cell Biology

Selected Publications

Peter K. Hepler, Joseph G. Kunkel, Caleb M. Rounds, Lawrence J. Winship (2011) Calcium entry into pollen tubes. Trends in Plant Science. (in press).

Caleb M. Rounds, Lawerence J. Winship, Peter K. Hepler. (2011) Pollen tube energetics: respiration, fermentation and the race to the ovule. AoB Plants. (in press).

Caleb M. Rounds, Eric Lubeck, Lawerence J. Winship, Peter K. Hepler. (2011) Propidium iodide competes with Ca2+ to label pectin in pollen tubes and arabidopsis root hairs. Plant Physiology.

Hitoshi Inoue, Caleb M. Rounds (shared first authorship), Danny J. Schnell. (2010) The molecular basis for distinct pathways for protein import into chloroplasts. Plant Cell. Jun; 22(6):1947-60.

Caleb M. Rounds, Peter K. Hepler, Sasha Fuller, Larry J. Winship (2009).Oscillatory growth in lily pollen tubes does not require aerobic energy metabolism. Plant Physiology. 152(2):736-46.

Sylvester T. McKenna, Joseph G. Kunkel, Maurice Bosch, Caleb M. Rounds, Luis Vidali, Lawrence J. Winship, and Peter K. Hepler (2009). Exocytosis Follows the Increase in Growth Rate in Oscillating Pollen Tubes. Plant Cell 21 (10) 3026-40.

Luis Vidali, Caleb M. Rounds (shared first authorship), Peter K Hepler, Magdalena Bezanilla (2009). Lifeact-mEGFP reveals a dynamic apical F-actin network in tip growing plant cells. PLoS ONE. 4(5): e5744.

Caleb M. Rounds, Fei Wang, Danny J. Schnell (2007).The Toc Machinery of the Protein Import Apparatus of Chloroplasts. The Enzymes Chapter 16. vol. 25.

Matthew D. Smith, Caleb M. Rounds, Fei Wang, Kunhua Chen, Meshack Afitlhile, and Danny J. Schnell (2004). atToc159 is a selective transit peptide receptor for the import of nucleus-encoded chloroplast proteins. Journal of Cell Biology 165(3):323-34.