Jeffrey Knight, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Knight

Professor of Biological Sciences


B.A., Oberlin College, 1970
M.S., The Ohio State University, 1975
Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1977

Postdoctoral Training

Department of Genetics, The Ohio State University, 1977-1978

Research Interests

  1. Mitochondrial ribosomal biogenesis in yeast
  2. Fine-structure analysis of mitochondrial genes in yeast
  3. Genetically engineered ribozyme expression in yeast


  • Biology 210  Genetics and Molecular Biology  (fall)
  • Biology 303  Microbial Genetics  (spring)
  • Biology 327  Microbiology  (fall)

Selected Publications

Knight, J.A., ed. Encyclopedia of Genetics (two volumes), Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, Inc., 1999.

Knight, J.A., Wedeen, C.J., and Hughes, K.A. 1984. Nuclear suppressors of mitochondrial chloramphenicol resistance in Baker's yeast: their use for the isolation of novel mutants. Current Genet. 8:121-126.

Knight, J.A., Courey, A.J., and Stebbins, B. 1982. Second-site antibiotic resistance mutations in the ribosomal region of yeast mitochondrial DNA. Current Genet. 5:21-27.