Martha Hoopes, Ph.D.

Martha Hoopes, Ph.D.

Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

(leave 2011-12)


BA in Physics and English, Phi Beta Kappa. Williams College, Williamstown, MA, 1987
Ph.D., Graduate Group in Ecology, University of California, Davis 1999

Postdoctoral Training

University of California, Berkeley, CA 1999-2004

Research Interests

  • Conservation biology; invasion dynamics; spatial modeling; the roles of spatial and temporal variability in population and community dynamics; responses to habitat fragmentation; host-parasitoid, plant-herbivore, and tri-trophic interactions; intersection of theoretical and empirical ecology.


  • Biology 223  Ecology  (fall)
  • Biology 331  Theory and Application of Conservation Biology  (spring)
  • Env. Stud. 100  Introduction to Environmental Studies  (spring)

Selected Publications

Boukili, V.S., M.F. Hoopes, and C.J. Briggs. 2007. Effect of microenvironment on development of a gall midge. Journal of Environmental Entomology 36:451-457.

Lockwood, J., M.F. Hoopes, and M.P. Marchetti. 2007. Invasion Ecology. Blackwell Science, Oxford, UK.

Darrouzet-Nardi*, A., M.F. Hoopes, J.D. Walker*, C.J. Briggs. 2006. Dispersal and foraging behavior of Platygaster californica: Hosts can’t run, but they can hide. Ecological Entomology 31: 298-306.

Hoopes, M.F., R.D. Holt, and M. Holyoak. 2005. The effects of spatial processes on two-species interactions. Pp. 35-67 in M. Holyoak, R.D. Holt, and M.A. Leibold, eds. Metacommunities: spatial dynamics and ecological communities. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, USA.

Amarasekare, P., M.F. Hoopes, N. Mouquet, M. Holyoak. 2004. Coexistence in competitive metacommunities. American Naturalist 164: 310-326.

Briggs, C.J. and M.F. Hoopes. 2004. The effect of dispersal in host-parasitoid and predator-prey models: a review and synthesis. Theoretical Population Biology 65:299-315.

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