Faculty and Student Achievements

Hoopes and Colleagues on Insights from their Book
Professor Martha Hoopes and her textbook co-authors defended invasion ecology in a letter to Nature in response to an opinion piece.
July 06, 2011

NSF Awards Bacon and Colleagues $600,000 for STEM
Sarah Bacon, with co-PIs Becky Packard and Darby Dyar, received a 5-year, $600,000 award from the National Science Foundation's S-STEM program. This award offers scholarship and mentoring support for science and mathematics majors transferring to Mount Holyoke from community colleges.
May 9, 2011

Hoopes Part of Group Awarded NSF Grant
Professor Martha Hoopes is part of a group of ecologists who received $495k from NSF for research spanning environmental regions and involving students and professors across a number of undergraduate institutions. The collaboration produced a Roundtable piece in BioScience and an opinion piece in Frontiers in Ecology and the environment on successful research models at small colleges.
April 22, 2011

NSF Awards Gillis $200,000 for Biomechanics Research
Gary Gillis was awarded a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation to use toad landing as a model system for understanding controlled deceleration. Gillis and his collaborator, Manny Azizi from the University of California, Irvine, will explore the roles of sensory feedback and muscle mechanics during the rapid decelerations involved with landing.
April 8, 2011

Barry Blogs for Psychology Today
Sue Barry’s blog, Eyes on the Brain, now has over 50 posts going back more than two years. Sue’s blogs, hosted by Psychology Today, generally focus on brain plasticity, and have covered topics including bird brains, 3-D movies, chess, pain and even Andre Agassi.

Rachootin and Former Student Publish Work
April Dinwiddie, now in graduate school at Yale, and her former advisor Stan Rachootin published a recent paper in the Royal Society’s journal Biology Letters. This work, based upon April’s thesis at Mt Holyoke, examines an intriguing wing organ from a fossil midge preserved in Baltic amber.
October 20, 2010

Research Published in Biology Letters
Professor Gary Gillis's new work with students on forelimb muscle function in hopping toads is published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters and highlighted in the New York Times and on WAMC Radio.
February 5, 2010

Retraining the Brain
Professor Susan Barry published her book "Fixing My Gaze", describing her journey from seeing the world as flat to seeing it as a place where things pop out at her. By doing simple routines for about 20 minutes a day, she was able to teach her brain to see in three dimensions.
December 30, 2009

Down and Dirty
Melissa Hartley '11 has placed as high as fourth in the United States and sixth in the world in her age class in BMX racing. She also loved to work on the poetry publication.

April Dinwiddie's Research Recognized
Determined by a vote of all the attendees, April Dinwiddie's poster "In the Blink of a Wing" was one of three posters to win the international IEDG 2008 conference prize.

When What's Biological Isn't Logical, That's Evolution
This is the second in a continuing series of "What everyone should know about..." essays by Professor Stan P. Rachootin. What gets labeled as "evolution" is that which does not fit into the more neatly bounded sciences.
January 29, 2008

Lindsay Chura '06 Wins Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Chura was awarded a full scholarship for graduate study at Cambridge University in England. She will begin her studies for a Ph.D. in psychiatry in October 2008.

Local Fulbright Scholar Studies in Finland
Addison Kemp, a biology major, was one of 7,500 scholars this year to be awarded the prestigious fellowship, which is giving her the chance to study the evolution and development of teeth at the Institute for Biotechnology, which is a part of the University of Helsinki in Finland.

MAIDS Received Grant
Professor Sharon Stranford's work using MAIDS, a mouse model for AIDS, received over $200,000 of support from an NIH Area Grant.
November 9, 2001

Pre-med Students Aid Elderly Resients
Mount Holyoke College students Zahra Hanif '11, Isis Kayiga '11, Rosalind Mandelbaum '11, and Leah Dion '10 developed an exercise program for seniors that integrates psychological, social and physical elements.