Stan Rachootin, Ph.D.

Stan Rachootin, Ph.D.

Professor of Biological Sciences


B.S. Yale College 1973
Marshall Scholar, Cambridge University
Ph.D. Yale University, 1984

Research Interests

Evolution and development, usually of serially repeated structures.
Projects have often concerned polychaete worms, mammalian teeth, or fish.
The history of evolutionary theory, often in relation to development.


  • Biology 226  Evolution  (spring)
  • Biology 308  Darwin  (spring)
  • Biology 310  Invertebrate Zoology  (fall)
  • Biology 332  Macroevolution  (fall)

Selected Publications

Rachootin, S. 1985. Owen and Darwin reading a fossil: Macrauchenia in a boney light. The Darwinian Heritage, David Kohn, ed. Princeton University Press. pp 155-184.

Rachootin, S. and Thomson, K.S. 1981. Epigenetics, paleontology, and evolution. Evolution Today, Proceedings 2nd Int. Congress Syst. Evol. Biology, G Scudder and J Reveal, eds. pp 181-193.