Student Liaisons

Student Liaisons

Biology student liaisons are biology majors who are available to answer general questions students may have about the biology department, about the major or minor, about courses, and events.  All students should feel free to contact a biology liaison who will either answer your question or point you to someone who can help you.

Biology Student Liaisons 2015-2016

Gabriella Belmarez '16

Parvathy Bhushan '17

Tiffany Chou '16

Veronica DeJesus '16

Constance Fontanet '16

Vivian Lee '16

Lucy Nuzum '17

Alison Ochs '17

D.J. Ross '16

Julia Rycyna '17

Jess Schiller '16

Anne Tang '16

Chynna Taylor '16

Brianna Weir '17

Turner Wiley '17