Student Opportunities

Teaching Assistant & Writing Mentors for Undergraduates

The Department of Biological Sciences invites you to apply for an undergraduate teaching assistantship for the fall or spring semester. It is both an honor and a responsibility to have such a position. Assistantships are usually awarded to students who have an excellent record in biology and a minimum of 20 credits, exclusive of 395 in the department. The pay is at Level II for approximately 186 hours per semester. You do not have to be a work-study student to apply. If, however, you are on financial aid, Federal rules may limit the amount you can earn. If you think this might apply to you, please speak with Sue LaBarre in the Biology Office.

Assistants participate in the program with responsibilities described as follows:

  1. Attend lectures in the course
  2. Teach one laboratory section
  3. Grade lab reports equivalent to one lab section, but not grade bluebooks or examinations.
  4. Attend weekly laboratory conferences (usually held on early Friday afternoons).

Undergraduate Tutor

Students interested in tutoring for the Department of Biological Sciences must be majors in biology, biochemistry, or neuroscience. Preference is given to seniors and juniors.


Opportunity Deadline Application
Teaching Assistant
& Writing Mentor
2 weeks prior to early registration  
Undergraduate Tutor On-going  
Independent Study On-going  
Internships, Fellowships,
and Research Opportunities