Careers and Graduate School for Chemistry Majors

Meet with advisors

  • Explore possibilities with your faculty advisor. Your professors can also help you with advice on career questions in their field of expertise.
  • Define your goals and develop search strategies. Career Advisors at the Career Development Center (CDC) are here to help you develop strategies to find jobs and internships, improve your resume and cover letters, and access resources.
  • Learn how to conduct informational interviews with people working in the field and find alumnae through the Alumnae Association Career Directory. They can provide valuable guidance when considering career options, including internships, jobs and graduate school. 
In addition to the resources below, see our page on student research and internships.

How-to guides for careers and graduate school

  • Discover what you can do with a career in chemistry (American Chemical Society)
  • American Chemical Society: Take a look at "College to Career" for in-depth info on getting a job in chemistry.
  • Science Careers: This website is the career component of Science Magazine, and it offers recent articles on up-and-coming science careers in various fields as well as job listings for members.
  • Careers in Chemistry - Duke: Duke’s Chemistry Careers page has a great list of articles describing traditional and non-traditional chem. careers.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (UK): The RSC offers a Careers & Professional Development page for chemistry students and professionals.
  • GoinGlobal provides country-specific career information, expert advice, and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad. Log in with your Handshake account.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor, this online database gives a detailed description of various fields/occupations, including chemical manufacturing, geoscience, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.
  • Buzzfile and Vault Career Insider are useful tools available through the CDC for in-depth career research into specific areas of interest.
  • Positions for students with Chemistry majors include: 
    • Research Associate, Research Technician
    • Health Analyst, Actuarial Analyst, Teacher/Professor/Lab Instructor
    • Certified Nurse Assistant, Process Development Specialist, Medical Bookseller, Portfolio Manager, Technical Writer, Legal Assistant/Lawyer
    • Environmental Scientist, Forensic Scientist, Analytical Chemist

Graduate School