Student Research and Internships

Useful Links

Chemistry internship resources (Career Development Center at MHC)

International research and internship resources for chemistry majors (McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives at MHC: including learning abroad and summer internships)

Research opportunities for undergraduates (National Science Foundation)

Undergraduate research and medical opportunities (posted by Fred Hutchinson Research Center)

Connecting undergraduate students with research opportunities (CIRRUS)

Getting Research Experience as an Undergraduate (American Chemical Society)

Katherine Kraschel ’06 JD, Associate Counsel
Katherine Kraschel ’06: each day at Harvard Law School, I apply the critical and analytic thinking skills my professors at MHC pushed me to sharpen.
Raheal Boadi-Yeboah ’11: my chemistry background from MHC has been helpful in my doctorate courses at the University of Buffalo.
Caitlin E. Scott '07: the many opportunities at MHC for undergraduate student research are an early introduction to graduate level research.
Luong Nguyen
Luong Nguyen ’12: I learned to conduct independent research, program algorithms, and present my ideas effectively to multiple audiences.
Ashley Kosa '15
Ashley Kosa ’15: my chemistry background was integral to my internship in art conservation and restoration.
Laura E. Fernandez ’08: After my lab experience at MHC, I completed a PhD in Theoretical Computational Chemistry and work at ACS Nano and Nano Letters.