Student Resources

Important Forms

Credit/ Transfer and Permissions:

To count a class from another college as part of a chemistry major or minor at Mount Holyoke, fill out a permissions form, note the number of the corresponding Mount Holyoke College chemistry class, and email the completed form to the chair attaching the other college's web site description of the course and the specific URL with that description.   Then, the chair will sure that each class corresponds to its counterpart at MHC and return the signed form to you via email or paper.   You would then file the signed form with the registrar's office.  Please check the course is appropriate before taking the course.

If you have a grade of C- or less (but passed) on a pre-requisite course, you have two options:

  1. Take the class or an online class (if the issue was not your lab grade) in the subject over the summer and get at least grade of C on it. Once you complete the course, send the Department Chair the transcript and the chair will let the registrar know that you have fulfilled that requirement.
  2. Unofficially audit the class that you got a C- or less in a future semester (before you need the next class).  To do an unofficial audit, you need to speak with the instructor of the class you need to audit so that they keep track of all your grades in that class.  At the end of the semester, you can ask the instructor to let the registrar know that you have know fulfilled the C- or better requirement if you achieved that grade.