The Major and Minor in Classics, Latin, and Greek

The Majors in Classics, Latin, and Greek

The department offers four majors: classics, Greek, Latin, and ancient studies. A major in classics combines the study of both ancient Greek and Latin with courses in ancient history, art, philosophy, politics or religion. Students interested in classics should also consider ancient studies, a 32-credit major approaching the ancient civilizations from an interdisciplinary and inclusive perspective.

In recent years our graduates have pursued careers in a broad range of fields, including medicine, teaching, politics, library science, and law.

The close attention we pay to clear expression and argumentation in writing-intensive courses, the problem-solving ability students acquire as they learn Latin and (or) Greek, and the deep questions they confront as they read the challenging works of Greece and Rome and wrestle with the profound differences between ancient and modern worlds all help to develop valuable skills for life after college.

The Minors in Classics, Latin, and Greek

These minors requires a minimum of 16 credits above the 100 level in the ancient languages. 

Teacher Licensure in Classics and Latin

Students interested in teaching in the fields of Latin and classics can combine their course work with a minor in education. See the Department of Psychology and Education’s Teacher Licensure Program for more information.