Selecting Courses

Latin and Greek

The department offers courses in Latin and Greek from elementary to advanced levels. Topics may vary from year to year (especially at the advanced level), so students should consult the course catalog (under Classics) or course search (Latin, Greek) for the range of departmental offerings.

Guidelines for New Students

If you have no previous knowledge of Latin or Greek, in the fall you should enroll in Latin 101 or Greek 101 (in which you will begin to read Homer's Iliad about mid-way through the semester). Because these introductory language courses are offered only in the fall semester, spring entrants who would like to begin Greek or Latin usually enroll the following September.

If, however, you have studied Latin for two or more years in high school, please contact Professor Geoffrey Sumi for access to the Latin Diagnostic so that we can determine the appropriate Latin course for you.

If you have questions about placement in Greek, please consult Professors Geoffrey Sumi or Paula Debnar.


When a course is designated by the prefix  “CLASS” (for classics), all readings are in English. Topics vary (e.g., “Tragedy Ancient and Modern,” “Ancient Rome”) so students should consult the course catalog or ISIS (both under Classics) for the range of departmental offerings.

Classics (CLASS) courses offered at the 100- or 200-level are open to first-year students.

See also related course listings in the departments of:

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  • Asian Studies (e.g., Sanskrit, Indian epic) 
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