Complex Organizations

Please note that as of June 30, 2016: the complex organizations minor has been replaced by a new interdisciplinary minor in entrepreneurship, organizations, and society (EOS). Students with a declared complex organizations minor may finish it or switch to the new EOS minor, but no new declarations of a complex organizations minor will be accepted. The EOS website will be available soon. Please contact your advisor with any questions.

Complex Organizations is an interdisciplinary liberal arts minor focusing on the behavior of individuals and groups in a variety of organizational settings. The program studies the theory and nature of organizations and challenges students to examine critically and imaginatively a range of current issues affecting organizational life, including ethics, decision making, privacy, patterns and practices of discrimination, finance, and career paths.

From the status of women in the U.S. economy and the economics of health care to the social consequences of tax policies, courses within the minor explore how the interplay of societal, organizational, and individual forces shape the national and global communities. The minor is meant to complement a major in any field by providing a number of methodologies for dealing flexibly with the issues graduates will face either in their careers or in further study.