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What impact did Complex Organization have on your post-MHC studies, life, profession, or activism?

Lisa Oakes, Class of 1996

A project I worked on during my senior year helped lead me on a job in the recording studios at Sony in New York City. The research had a direct effect on my career path.

My advice: Focus on projects that are based n real life situations, not theoretical. Alumnae are one of your greatest resources in finding a job after college.

Julia Romanenko Velsmid, Class of 1997

ComOrg prepared me much more for the life path that I ended up taking than my major in International Relation did! After graduation I decided to try out a management program for a large retailer, something was always interested in. Though it turned out not to be for me, I was able to learn a lot about how a large company was structured and run from the bottom up. I then worked for an international educational travel company for 4 years, where I used many of the skills learned in ComOrg to work on large and complex projects. Most importantly, after 911 my career path took a most unexpected turn when I joined my husband in his fledgling private medical practice, and had to learn the field of practice operations from scratch. My ComOrg background really helped me get organized with self-training, if you will, and streamlining of this new company as we then expanded from one to three locations, increased staff, had to research health and retirement plans for our employees, etc. etc. And needless to say, being a mom of a 6-year-old, I need to pull on all the leadership and negotiation training I've ever had?

My advice: ComOrg is a great minor for a Liberal Arts degree, especially if you are not sure where you'd like your career path to take you. So many skills obtained via this minor are not only career skills, but life skills as well. Take a wide variety of classes so that you can find something relevant in the coursework for any resume you might need to put together. ComOrg is very multifunctional in this way, too.

Heather Van Sickle, Class of 2005

I believe that Complex Organizations had a greater impact than my major. In fact, I wish Complex Orgs was a major...I would have definitely taken that.

My advice: To put as much effort as possible into your studies...and connect them with the real world by taking the opportunity to work with individuals in the field explaining that you are learning from them.