The Isenberg-Mount Holyoke MBA Fellowship

Mount Holyoke College and the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts are proud to announce the Isenberg-Mount Holyoke MBA Fellowship.

As an accepted MBA Fellow, you will participate in a unique two-year MBA program experience that provides you the strongest possible start to your career. 

 Program benefits include:

 •       Full financial support for 2 years, including health care and a stipend

 •       A flexible program design: one or two year residency options to best meet your career objectives

 •       Opportunities to gain professional experience that leverages your individual strengths and interests

 Our small program size enables us to do more for our students.

Register today to learn more:


Monday, November 4

6:00 p.m.

Cleveland L3

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“After just one year of core classes and making great alumni connections, I have an amazing externship while I complete my degree.  Only the Isenberg MBA could have given me this unique opportunity.”

-Laurene Hummer, ‘14