CS Study Abroad in AIT Budapest

Presenter: David Szeszler, Professor of Combinatorial Optimization

An upcoming talk will be presented on campus to encourage students to consider a great new study abroad program, Aquincum Institute of Technology Budapest, for students interested in computing, design, computational biology, and IT entrepreneurship.

David Szeszler, professor at AIT and at the Budapest Technoglogical University, will be giving a presentation about the program on:

Wednesday, October 10th at 12:15 in Kendade 305. 

Lunch will be provided at 12:00 in Kendade 307.

About AIT

The AIT program has a first-rate faculty including professors such as Erno Rubik (inventor of the Rubik's Cube and recent recipient of the U.S. Outstanding Contributions to Science Education Award), an innovative curriculum including courses such as "Computer Vision for Digital Film Post-production" taught by  faculty affiliates from Colorfront Studios (recent recipients of an  Academy Award for technical contributions), and a guest lecture series  that brings prominent speakers to campus.

All classes are conducted in English at AIT's state-of-the-art campus on the lovely banks of the Danube River. Students live in vibrant neighborhoods of Budapest and have ample opportunities to interact with Hungarian students and explore Hungary and the region.

AIT is small and friendly, with typical class sizes of 5-15 students.  In addition to a few recent Mt Holyoke students, recent U.S. AIT students have come from Harvard University, Dartmouth University, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Harvey Mudd College, Princeton University, Smith, Swarthmore and Williams Colleges, among several others. The program also includes a number of Hungarian students. AIT Alumni site. 

The AIT website and APPLICATION materials are available online.

Applications for the Spring 2013 term are due by November 1, 2012. (Although, completed submissions are currently being accepted and reviewed. Notice is then given within two weeks time.)


Prof. Ran Libeskind-Hadas and Prof. Michael Orrison at Harvey Mudd College are serving as the North American Co-Directors  for AIT, and are eager to answer any questions that you might have.