What is a computer scientist without a network? Here at the Mount Holyoke Computer Science Department, we offer students a modern and robust network running enterprise class and custom operation systems. To help you migrate around and interact with the internal network:

New User Account Signup Sheet

PDF document to fill out for room and network access for new users to signup.

Network Contacts

In the case of a network issue, system problem or question, please contact


The best method for having a support issue fixed expediently is to provide as much information in your support email as is possible.

Below is a guideline of questions to answers that should be posted in your email request/notice.

  • What was I doing/attempting to do?
  • Who was I logged on as?
  • What time did this occur?
  • What software was I using or attempting to use?
  • What is the exact error that I received? (If possible take a screen capture of the error and forward that along as well)?
  • How important is this, or what level of response do I need?
    • Immediate!
    • No real response, just a FYI for the sysadmin.
    • A quick question/elaboration is needed on a process.

After you have all of this information forward it to our system administrator via email. Be sure to use a descriptive email subject line.

Support issues may be sent to