What if I am unable to connect to the internal network or receive a server unavailable message?

If you are unable to connect to the internal network:

  • Check to see that your computer's network connections are active.
  • Attempt to ping an outside machine, for example enter "ping" at a command prompt to test for connectivity.
    • Windows: Start > run > ""
    • Linux: (Open a shell ) "
  • Are you confident that you are logging on to the correct server/network?
    • Computer Science Department servers are the following:
      • (research only)
      • (research only)

What if I am able to connect to the network but am unable to log on?

  • Check and recheck the spelling of your username and password.
  • Be sure that the Caps Lock key is not on.
  • Wait a moment and retry. Even the most experienced touch-typists frustrate themselves at attempted fast logins.
  • Check your email: If there is a network outage or emergency you should have received an email from staff advising you of the error, outage or reason for downtime.
  • If all else fails: IMMEDIATELY send an email to the system administrator.

What if I hit my quota limit/ what are my file or storage limits?

  • Each user on the system has a quota of 3 Gigabytes on Windows and 3 Gigabytes on Linux, for a total across the network of 6 Gigabytes. We ask that you not abuse the excess space.

Where do I get an account/Room Access?

  • If you need an account visit this link to download a copy of the new account form. This form may be given to Wendy Queiros in Clapp 222. Your account will be set up the next Tuesday or Thursday.

My computer crashed.

  • We are unable to support student purchased computers, however the schools LITS department has the means and staff to look at student machines.

I cannot make it to the lab/ I cannot find this software package/ I need a newer computer.

  • We have made available, a bootable CD the will run a customized version of Ubuntu - an open source Linux operation system. If you have access to a computer with a CD drive, this emergency disk can help you get by. Copies are available here (link) or from the office.