Conceptual Foundations of Science

As a premier liberal arts college, Mount Holyoke College brings students into contact with multiple approaches to critical thinking, interpretation, and expression. In an increasingly complicated world, the ability to address pressing issues from more than one perspective is crucial for sharpening the skills of analysis and intellectual acuity.

To this end, students—in particular, sophomores—may choose the conceptual foundations of science minor. This minor enables students to develop a foundation in a topic that spans historical periods, geographical areas, and analytical approaches to the formation of knowledge and society. While focusing on a single topic, students will encounter multiple disciplines. Consequently, the minor enables students to make a more informed choice about their major, and, at the same time, brings them into contact with faculty from across the College.

The Minor is not attached to one specific department or interdisciplinary program. Rather, it enables students to explore a theme from a variety of perspectives across the disciplines. It requires a sophomore gateway course, but does not require an experiential component, such as an internship or research project.