Amy E. Martin

Amy Martin

Assistant Professor of English


Amy E. Martin
8 Park Street, Room 31

Joined MHC: 2001


  • Columbia University, Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A.
  • Sarah Lawrence College, B.A.

Specialization: Nineteenth-century British literature; nineteenth-century Irish literature; Victorian studies; postcolonial theory and theories of nationalism; gender studies; Irish studies.

Amy Martin is currently at work on a book titled Alter-nations: Representing Nationalisms, the State, and National Identities in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland. Her project examines the complex relationship between British imperial nationalism and Irish anticolonial nationalism and investigates the ways that national identity is imagined in a variety of cultural texts in the Victorian period. She recently published an article on Thomas Carlyle, "Irish Immigration and National Crisis," in the journal Victorian Literature and Culture.

Martin teaches Introduction to the Study of Literature; Gender and Class in the Victorian Novel; Modern Irish Literature; and Gender and Colonialism in Victorian Culture. In addition to being a member of the English department, she is involved in Mount Holyoke's program in critical social thought.

In 1997, Martin received a Mellon Summer Travel Fellowship, which allowed her to do archival research in nineteenth-century Irish nationalist writing in the National Library of Ireland. In the summer of 2003, with the aid of a Mount Holyoke faculty grant, Martin continued her research in Ireland. While there she lectured in Dublin at Notre Dame's Irish Studies Seminar.

Before coming to Mount Holyoke, Martin was an adjunct professor at the Cooper Union Center for the Humanities and an instructor at Columbia University.