Fall 2016

Course # Course Name & Instructor
208 Global Movements: Migrations, Refugees and Diasporas
S. Houston
249 Topics in Critical Social Thought: The Undocumented Latina/o Youth Experience: Struggles, Resiliency, and Futures
A. Soltero Lopez
253 Critical Race Theory
L. Wilson
258 Existentialism
J. Koo
295 (01) Independent Study
The department
332 (01) Modern Families: Race Ethnicity, Kinship and U.S. Popular Culture
J. Hernandez
349 (02) Advanced Topics Once More with Feeling: Intimacies and
Affects in a Posthuman World
K. Singer
349 (03) Advanced Topics Latina/os and Housing: Mi Casa is
NOT Su Casa  
V. Rosa  
349 (04) Advanced Topics The Philosophy of Recognition 
J. Koo
349 (07) Advanced Topics Writing Capitalism’s Ruin 
M. Watson