Constantine Pleshakov

Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies and Critical Social Thought

Constantine Pleshakov
Skinner Hall, Room 211

Joined MHC: 1998


  • National University of Singapore, Ph.D.
  • Moscow State University, M.A.

Specialization: Five College visiting professor of international relations at Mount Holyoke, Constantine Pleshakov, was affiliated with and director of the geopolitics department at the Institute of U.S. and Canada Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences from 1986 to 1996. He has held many fellowships and positions abroad, and was previously at the Five Colleges as the Karl Lowenstein fellow at Amherst College in 1995.

Since 1996, Pleshakov has boldly embarked in new directions as a fiction writer, winning the Best Russian Short Story Prize in 1997. In Russian, he has published Physics: A Novel (1992) and Carp Farm: A Collection of Short Stories this year. Pleshakov is a prolific author and winner of numerous prestigious professional awards, including the Lionel Gelber Prize in 1996 as coauthor of the best book on diplomatic history in English. The Flight of the Romanovs, co-written with John Curtis Perry, will be published by Basic Books in March 1999. Pleshakov will be teaching a full course load at Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and UMass. during his stay.