Proposal Guidelines

Select two advisors and choose a central question
Each student who majors in Critical Social Thought (CST) shall meet with the program chair and the director of advising, preferably during the first semester of her sophomore year, to discuss her intellectual interests and to select two advisors from the critical social thought faculty who will help her sculpt her curriculum around a central question of her choice. 

Propose a title and curriculum
To declare her major in the program and using the proposal template, the student must submit to the chair a title describing her question, a list of the courses she proposes to take for credit in her major, and the signatures of her two CST advisors. Proposal examples from previous students may help clarify what is needed.

Write a proposal
Later, she must compose a two-to-three page proposal that identifies the focus of her program, explains its genesis and significance, and lists the courses she has taken and intends to take to satisfy the requirements of the major. 

A final draft of this proposal with the signatures of her two advisors shall be submitted to the program chair by the end of the first semester of the student's junior year, or by the end of the second semester of her sophomore year if she plans to be away in the fall of her junior year.