Checklist of Graduation Requirements

Your answers to the following questions should give you a clearer view of your progress towards a degree in Critical Social Thought, and they should also enable your advisers and the program chair to review more easily the requirements that you have fulfilled or will soon complete. Thank you for filling in the information below.

Graduating seniors should complete this form and submit it by March 1.

When asked for a semester, please use the format: S_YY (e.g. "F_06" for the fall of 2008).

If you are a graduating senior, please submit a copy of your proposal, with any final revisions, to the CST Ella site under "Resources" when you complete this form, if a finalized proposal is not already posted.

When you post your proposal please be sure to include within it your name, class, email, title, and names of your two advisors who have approved the proposal. A senior who is submitting this form in her final semester, to enable the chair to certify completion of her major program, should submit the most recent version of her proposal.