The Dance Lynk: Classroom to Career

Cultural literacy and innovative collaborations

The international language of dance is a unique means of expression in a global world. The breadth of concentrations and internships provide opportunities and preparation for graduate school and careers. With exposure to a variety of cultures and ideas, students investigate innovative collaborations within the study of dance. They often seek experiences abroad that stretch their perspective and enhance the depth of their artistic experiences.

Lila Reid '15
Lila Reid '15: Mount Holyoke gave me the opportunity to fuse my interests in dance and teaching through a career-oriented and practical approach.
Rain Ross '2000
Rain Ross '2000: Studying at MHC, gave me a breadth of experiences that have given me choices in my professional and personal goals.
Dancer Spotlight Zoé Emilie Henrot
Zoé Emilie Henrot '12: one of my favorite aspects of SPCB is the fact the Company artists have a voice in every aspect of each performance.