Dance Performance and Research

Dance at Mount Holyoke is an exploration of how the body speaks; how cultural and historical traditions shape the language of expression; and how choreography is inspired and developed.

The dance department presents numerous performances, lectures, panel discussions and master classes throughout each semester. Our event list describe these activities in detail.

Merli Guerra '09
Merli V. Guerra '09: taking Beginning Classical Indian Dance led to me touring the world with Devi’s company and the Deborah Abel Dance Company.
Knowledgeable teachers of the Vaganova method of classical ballet are dedicated to contributing to the development of quality ballet training.
Seep Sleep
Kinsun Chan explains how he strives to give students the experience of dancing with a real dance company
National Dance Institute works with dance students
Invited as part of the LYNK initiative, MHC Alumna Calia Marshall shows students how to engage with dancers of all skill levels in the art form
Image of students dancing
Poorna Swami: I am a writer and avid reader of poetry, which is a series of 'movement odes,' emerges from my fascination with language and movement.
Image of Paul Matteson dancing.
It is structured as a series of encounters that, according to Jowitt, “blasts open any of the usual images” conjured by the title.