A dance student will investigate physical, cultural and aesthetic principles of dance and embody the skillful practice of different dance traditions. The curriculum of core courses and areas of concentration emphasize technical training, performance, creative practice and critical/theoretical understanding.

A dance major may choose one of three areas of concentration, pursue dance teacher licensure, or choose to create their own concentration supported by the Five College Curriculum. All courses are designed to contribute in various ways to the College’s Learning Goals and the Dance Department's Learning Goals.

Courses and Requirements

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Teacher Licensure in Dance

Students interested in pursuing teacher licensure in the field of dance can combine their course work in dance with a minor in education. In some instances, course work in the major coincides with course work required for licensure; in other cases, it does not. Students wishing to pursue teacher licensure should consult the dance department chair and schedule an initial advising appointment with Sarah Frenette, Coordinator of Teacher Licensure.