Graduate School and Careers

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Tea Gongadze '12: at MHC, I developed sophisticated analytical skills and prudent judgment necessary to address firm`s financial and strategic concerns.
Zilin Cui '11
Zilin Cui '11: I learned how to engage with Spanish speakers on a cultural, intellectual and professional level, and became a true world citizen.
Weixi Lei '13
Weixi Lei '13 explains how the critical thinking skills she developed at MHC help her contribute valuable perspectives when assessing business projects.

The economics major prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including business, non-profit, graduate study, and the public sector.

Through our rigorous academic program and immersive learning experiences, Economics majors graduate with skills to pursue careers in a wide range of fields. To get a sense of where you can go with a Economics degree from Mount Holyoke College, take a look at the Career Development Center’s “What can I do with an MHC major in Economics?” for information on companies and roles that previous students have held. Other great resources include, the American Economics Association careers page, or the University of Wisconsin Madison career options.

The Occupational Outlook for Economists from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can provide additional insights into the job forecast and work environment of those in this field. The Hamilton Project Career Earnings by College Major can provide a salary baseline for Economics majors.

Finally, take a look at Buzzfile for in-depth career research into organizations hiring Economics majors.

Graduate School
Many Mount Holyoke students elect to continue their studies after earning their undergraduate degree. There are many graduate and Ph.D. programs available to Economics majors who choose this route.

The Career Development Center (CDC) is a great resource for information on researching, applying to, and preparing for grad school. The program rankings for each school may be an important factor in considering which programs to apply to.

For specific advice on graduate study in Economics, the American Economics Association, University of California San Diego, and Sita Nataraj Slavov from George Mason University all have excellent tips how to apply to top graduate and Ph.D. programs.

A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market is a handy resource for those considering a future career in academia. It outlines the academic job market and provides advice to new Ph.D. economists on how to conduct an academic job search.