Research Opportunities

Faculty-mentored independent research projects

Research is an important part of the intellectual life in the Economics Department. Each year, students and faculty - working individually and together - produce a number of interesting papers, reports, articles, and books.

Students have many opportunities to conduct research:

  • Research projects as part of course work. Some of our 200-level courses and most of the 300-level seminars require research papers. In econometrics (Econ 220), each student will write at least one empirical research paper applying the statistical methods learned in the class.
  • Independent study. Students can explore a one-semester independent project (Econ 295 or 395) under the supervision of a faculty member. An honors thesis is a year-long independent study often starting with our Senior Thesis Seminar (Econ 394). In this class, students begin their research project together while studying how to do research in more depth. Working with a faculty advisor they complete their project in the spring.
  • Collaboration on faculty research. Sometimes this collaboration results in co-authored publications. There are also a number of outlets for undergraduate student research.
  • Student research during the summer. Many students are involved in research during a summer internships, whether at the Federal Reserve, an NGO, a company or as their own research project. Just like a research paper for a class, research during the summer often captures a student’s interest and leads to subsequent independent study.


  • Funding for research: The Economics Department has some funding for research. Students many apply for Lynk-UAF funding for summer research.