Student Research

Senior Theses

Sharma, Arati (2015-07-02)
An Empirical Study of Sex Selective Abortion in Nepal: Can Women's Empowerment Overpower Cultural Biases?
Advisor: Michael Robinson, Contributor: Ashley Miller

Hristova, Kristina (2012-11-27)
Does Economic Freedom Determine Economic Growth?
Advisor: Jim Hartley

Gao, Sonya Shuya (2014-12-15)
Ingroup Bias in Utility Maximization at MHC: A Game Theoretical Analysis of Ingroup Bias in a Dictator Game at Mount Holyoke College
Contributing Advisor: Michael Robinson, Contributor: Steven Schmeiser

Strobel, Carolyn (2011-02-16)
Economic, Social, and Political Protest in Indian Nationalism: Writings and Speeches of Dadabhai Naoroji, Aurobindo Ghose, and Bipin Chandra Pal
Contributing Advisors: Frederick McGinness and Kavita Datla, Contributor: Shahrukh Khan

Gongadze, Tea (2013-05-10)
Is Elegance Useful? Rationality in the Dynamic and Optimal Economic Model
Contributing Advisor: James Hartley, Contributors: Steven Schmeiser, Janice Gifford and Michael Robinson

Ansari, Natasha (2013-06-20)
The Collective and the Individual: Re-thinking the Role of Altruism in Institutions Through Akhuwat’s Example
Contributing Advisor: Shahrukh Khan, Contributing Author: Natasha Ansari, Contributors: Amina Steinfels and Mike Robinson

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