Dual-Degree Engineering Options

Professor discussing with students in computer lab.

(see also: Nexus in Engineering)

Renowned throughout the world for its strength in the sciences, Mount Holyoke is proud to offer three outstanding dual-degree opportunities in engineering, as well as excellent preparation for graduate work in engineering.

At a time when science remains a male-dominated field, Mount Holyoke is actively committed to increasing the number of women in science. Approximately 25 percent of our students major in the sciences. MHC students have a strong record of getting into top professional and graduate school programs. Science faculty comprise more than 25 percent of the total faculty, and the College boasts a high number of tenured women faculty in science as well.

The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education

As a future engineer, you’ll be served well by a degree from a rigorous liberal arts college. Engineering professors at first-rate universities say that most graduate school programs in engineering are as interested in strong students with broad-based science backgrounds from excellent liberal arts colleges as they are in students with engineering degrees. Many professors note that students with liberal arts backgrounds bring an awareness of the human dimension of every issue, as well as a technical dimension. And engineering professionals who have attended Mount Holyoke say that the way the College’s faculty and students work collaboratively is ideal preparation for the teamwork that is typical of many engineering projects.