Award Opportunities

Department Prizes & Awards

Submision Prize Entry Rules:

• limit of 2 entries per prize per student
  (each entry can take up to ten minutes to read aloud)
• limit of 2 contests for each entry
• include your name and the name of the prize on each entry or group of poems
• submission deadline:  Monday, April 20, 2015 via email to

Submission Prize

  • Virginia Lee Barnes Prize
    For the best critical essay by a senior in English, American Studies, Medieval Studies, or Women's Studies
  • Barbara Benson Memorial Fund
    For distinction in prose writing.  Open to juniors & seniors for prose or other pieces in fiction, essay or any prose form (available alternate years only; offered in 2015)
  • Graduate Fellowship in English & Joseph McGrath Bottkol Fellowship Fund
    For pursuit of Graduate Study in English (available alternate years only; offered in 2015)
  • Gertrude Claytor Award of The Academy of American Poets
    For the best poem or group of poems, open to all undergraduates
  • Minnie Ryan Dwight Prize
    For excellence in journalistic writing, open to all undergraduates
  • Kathryn McFarland Prize
    For any form of creative writing, open to all students
  • Sydney Robertson McLean Short Story Prize
    Open to all undergraduates
  • Anne Singer '69 Memorial Prize
    To a student who shows both the promise of a gift for writing and a dedication to craftsmanship, preference to first years, sophomores, and juniors
  • Ada L. F. Snell Poetry Prize
    For the best poem or group of poems, the whole not to exceed fifty lines, open to all undergraduates

Fellowship and Research Funds

  • Naomi Kitay '33 Fellowship
    Awarded on basis of merit, as an aid toward a career in creative prose writing. Please fill out application form and submit it to the English Department office, 111 Shattuck Hall, by Monday, April 20, 2015.
  • Phyllis Merrill '30 and Virginia Merrill Lafferty '37 Research Fund
    To be used for student research to purchase research material or to travel to a research library to complete her project. Based on merit of project and good academic standing.  Interested applicants should submit a description of proposed research and a reference of a faculty member familiar with the project to the English Department office by 4 pm Monday, April 20, 2015.
  • Jean Sudrann '39 Research Fund
    To support student research in the Department of English, travel grants for research or special projects. Open to all students; not limited to English majors. Interested applicants should submit a five-hundred word description of proposed research, a one-page budget, and provide one reference from a person familiar with the student's work and the merits of the project. All applications are due in the English Department Office by 4 pm on Monday, April 20, 2015.

    Other Awards open to English majors

    The Clio Melpomene Prize will be awarded to assist aspiring poets and/or historians after graduation. Applicants must be students of Mount Holyoke College slated to graduate as members of the Class of 2015.

    The Richard A. Johnson Prize is awarded to a student with a strong academic record, in any major, who plans to teach at the secondary level, in any subject.  The prize may be used to support the expenses of graduate study toward a career in secondary teaching, for support during a practicum semester, or for a project, research, or experience that will enhance the student's teaching capabilities.  See the Alumnae Association's Fellowship page for the deadline and other details.