The English department offers introductory literature courses, courses in creative writing and journalism, and intermediate and advanced literature courses in all genres. We offer two introductory courses designed for first-year students and sophomores: First-Year Seminar 110, a writing-intensive seminar, and English 199, an introduction to English literature and criticism.

We encourage our majors to explore the creative process by taking writing courses. We also urge them to link the study of literature in English with the study of history, art, and other literatures. Courses in classical and modern languages and literatures, art history, philosophy, religion, and history complement and supplement courses in English.

For First-Years

Courses open to first-year students include all sections of First-Year Seminar 110 and ENGL 199, An Introduction to the Study of Literature.

First-Year Seminar 110 taught by English Department Faculty:
Emily Dickinson at Mount Holyoke, Christopher Benfey
Multicultural Families, Donald Weber
The Nonhuman, Elizabeth Young
Other Americans, Iyko Day
Medical Narratives, Sarah Sutherland
Mapping World/Mind/Self, Mark Shea
Black Women Writers, Kimberly Brown

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