English Department Award Opportunities: FAQ for Spring 2022

What does "limit of 1 entry per prize" mean?

A. You may submit up to one (1) entry (groups of poems, short stories, essays, hybrid form, etc.) to each contest.

What does “3 contests per person” mean?

A. You may submit to up to three (3) contests maximum.

Should I include a cover page?

A: You do not need to include a cover page, but every entry should include your name and the prize name, ideally in the top left corner of the first page. Be sure also to title your work.

How should I format my submissions?

A. For prose, we recommend a standard format: 1” margins all around, double spaced, 12 point Arial. Other fonts such as Times New Roman are also acceptable. For poetry, please format as you see fit. If you have multiple pieces as part of one entry, please include all pieces of the entry in one file.

What file format should I use?

A. Submit your work in Word if possible; you may use .rtf or .pdf files if necessary. To preserve formatting in poetry or visual work, use .pdf. If you use Google Docs or Pages, please export to .docx or .pdf.

Who is eligible to apply for awards?

A. All current MHC students are eligible, unless a prize is specifically marked “for majors and minors.”

I graduated last December; may I apply?

A. Yes, if you are part of the graduating class of 2022, you may apply, even if you finished earlier.

Are there any fellowships for alums?

A. Yes, the Joseph McGrath Bottkol and Naomi Kitay Fellowship Funds and the Richard A. Johnson Prize (administered by the Alumnae Association). Also keep these fellowships for alums in mind. Here’s the link to alum fellowships: https://alumnae.mtholyoke.edu/career/alumnae-fellowships/

Who are the judges?

A. English department faculty judge the contests, unless otherwise noted.

When are prizes awarded?

A. Recipients will be notified by email from the English department the week of Commencement.