Teacher Licensure in English

Students interested in pursuing licensure in the field of English can combine their course work in English with a minor in education. In some instances course work in the major coincides with course work required for licensure; in other cases, it does not. For specific course requirements for licensure within the major of English, please consult the chair of the English department. For information about the requirements for the minor in education, please consult Teacher Licensure in the Other Degree and Certificate Programs chapter of the course catalogue and Ms. Lawrence in the Department of Psychology and Education. Licensure also requires a formal application as well as passing scores on the Massachusetts Test of Educator Licensure (MTEL) in both the literacy component and the subject matter component. Copies of the test objectives for the MTEL are available in the English department and in the Department of Psychology and Education. Information and materials are available on the Teacher Licensure application Web site.