Thesis Guidelines

2015 Thesis Deadline

By 4:00 pm on the afternoon of Friday, April 24, 2015, please deliver one bound and one unbound copy of your thesis to Cindy Meehan in 111 Shattuck Hall. (Black thesis binders are available in the MHC Campus Store.)  The bound copy is for the department.  The unbound copy is for your thesis advisor.  In addition, you need to deliver (unbound) copies of your thesis to the other members of your committee.  The same day, please submit an electronic copy to

Please refer to the Handbook of Faculty Legislation: Section X, Guidelines for the Honors Programs and Honors Thesis, pps. 121-124, for specific information on thesis preparation.

For a step-by-step guide to e-thesis submission, see this link.

Scheduling your Thesis Defense

The usual practice for scheduling a thesis defense is to plan it for a day within one week of the department's thesis submission deadline.  After confirming a date and time with your thesis committee, please contact the department office to schedule a space.  You may stop by 111 Shattuck or email the Department of English.