Graduate School and Careers

Students graduating with a degree in environmental studies have traveled widely varying career and educational paths. The Environmental Studies Department provides students with rigorous academic programs and immersive learning experiences. We encourage students considering graduate work or professional employment in environmental sciences to take as many courses as possible in the cognate sciences (chemistry, biology, geology, and physics) and mathematics (through calculus). Learn more about applying to graduate school >

Photo of Veronika Kivenson FP’13 aboard a research vessel
Alum Veronika Kivenson’s NSF grant allows her to use a supercomputer to examine how microbes metabolize pollutants found in marine sediment.
Catherine Colello Walker
Catherine Walker ’07: the ability to chart your own unique path is tremendously valuable in becoming an independent thinker and researcher.
Allison Fisher '14: finding a rewarding career path after an unexpected beginning