Environment and Development

The Environment and Development concentration deepens student understanding of the relationship between global environmental issues and human well-being around the world. Courses ranging from the political economy to environmental justice offer students opportunities to explore factors that shape human-environment relations across both the industrialized world and the global South. The advisors for this concentration are Professor Corson, Professor Farnham, and Professor Kebbede. Here is the course-list for the Environment and Development concentration.

Some recommended off-campus programs:

Other study abroad programs considered on a case by case basis.

Elizabeth Dickinson 'FP13: I can now work with any bird species and have solid biological fieldwork skills that will translate to a variety of job types.
The Lynk: Connecting Curriculum to Career
Fanny Fennimore '14: experiencing a new culture, I gained insight into changed & unchanged aspects of South Africa's economic, social & political history.
Shreeya Joshi '15, Public Affairs Office Intern
Shreeya Joshi '15: I worked in the Public Affairs Office which dealt with communicating to the public and news media about the EPA.