Environmental Politics, Policy, and Economics

The Environmental Politics, Policy, and Economics concentration focuses on the study of the political, economic, historical, and cultural forces that shape environmental policies. Topics include: how environmental policies are made, which interests are most powerful in determining policies, how effective those policies are, and which groups are harmed or helped by those policy decisions. The concentration advisors are Professor Farnham and Professor Corson. Here is the course-list for the Environmental Politics, Policy, and Economics concentration.

Some recommended off-campus programs:

Other study abroad programs considered on a case by case basis.

Jane A. Flegal '09 presenting on her most recent work
Jane A. Flegal '09: How do science—and scientific uncertainty—and human values influence decision-making in highly contentious areas?
Cultivating Action, Kim Meersma '15
Kim Meersma 15: the mentorship I received was outstanding. The professors clearly cared deeply about the subject and their students.
Image of Iman Abubaker Abdulwassi ’14.
Iman Abubaker '14: I was introduced to the field of environmental governance and policy and made important connections.
Costa Rica
Sarah Hayden '15: it helped me realize how much I would like to continue my studies about Latin America and the environment.
Emma Singer
Emma Singer '14: I work with students who have vastly different outdoor experiences from my own and my ES major helped me to better understand their needs.
Dana Rubin
Dana Rubin '12: Working for an affordable housing director, I heard stories, many from first generation immigrants about public transportation issues.