The ES Concentrations

Those who have enrolled prior to 2019 were able to select from 7 areas of concentrations and will be grandfathered into the new program framework.

Instead of concentrations, students enrolling after 2019 will have the option to select a specialized pathway that's tailored to specific careers. In the fall semester of their junior year, students must submit a paragraph to their advisor describing their plan for choosing their electives. This written plan can include specific courses or a general field of concentration that guides the selection of courses. Students should consider concentrating their electives in a particular area of Environmental Studies. 

Prehistoric Potholes, Greenfield, MA
Nearly all environmental issues occur near or at the Earths surface, this concentration explores the geology behind today's environmental issues.
Birch at Mount Holyoke College
This is a field and lab-based interdisciplinary science concentration that examines the structure and function of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
Greenfield, Ma
The concentration explore factors that shape human-environment relations across both the industrialized world and the global South.
Kew Gardens, London.
This concentration focuses on the science and policy behind conserving biodiversity and ecosystem function.
Greenfield, MA
Explore the changing relationships between human beings and the natural world through time using the perspectives and tools of the humanities.
Palace of Versailles, France.
This concentration focuses on the study of the political, economic, historical, and cultural forces that shape environmental policies.
dinosaur skeleton, saber tooth
This concentration study the living worlds that have and are evolving and their connection to the physical processes that shape the geologic record.