Upcoming Events

Earth Adventures 2012-2013

  • Friday, 11/30/12
    Laura Hayden
    Environmental Perspectives of India: My Semester Abroad in Pune

Past Events

  • Friday, 11/16/12
    Anika Aarons
    Marine Snow: From the Surface to the Deep.  A study of the effects of physical forcing on surface biology and deep ocean particle flux in the Sargasso Sea

Earth Adventures 2011-2012

  • Friday, 5/4/12
    Dana Rubin and Hannah Blackmer
    A Search for Convenient Resilience: Our Post-Graduation Plans
  • Friday, 4/26/12
    Melissa Rice
    In the Name of the Tiger: Conservation and Indigenous Rights in India
  • Friday, 4/6/12
    Molly Redfield
    Reconceptualizing Food Deserts through Gardening the Community in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Friday, 3/16/12
    Bridget Brady
    A Market-Based Approach to Saving the World's Forests: Interning with the Global Forest & Trade Network
  • Friday, 3/9/12
    Nuria Clodius
    Project Puffin: A Summer of Seabird Restoration off the Coast of Maine
  • Friday, 2/17/12
    Dana Drugmand
    Does Direct Experience of an Extreme Weather Event Affect Public Perception of Climate Change?  Case Study: Tropical Cyclone Yasi and the Climate Change Concern in the West Tropics of Australia
  • Friday, 2/10/12
    Linn Jennings
    Ragweed Pollen Abundance across a Rural to Urban Gradient in Massachusetts
  • Friday, 11/11/11
    Shicong Ivy Li
    Exploring Environmental Journalism: Summer Internship with chinadialogue

Earth Adventures 2010-2011

  • Friday, 4/22/11
    Ellen Kujawa
    The Potential Allelopathic Properties of Two Polygonum species: Native Polygonum virginianum and Non-Native Invasive Polygonum cespitosum
  • Friday, 4/1/11
    Jacinta Edebeli
    Conservation efforts in Costa Rica: Tropical Field Biology's (TFB) participation (Spring Break in Costa Rica)
  • Friday, 3/25/11
    Chrissy Kobyljanec
    Microbial respiration response to carbon substrate additions after 9 years of N fertilization in an ombrotrophic bog
  • Friday, 3/4/11
    Leila Quinn
    Maasai sedentarization and the implications on rangeland conditions in Loitokitok, Kenya
  • Friday, 2/25/11
    Yiting Wang
    From the United Nations to cook stoves and fish farming: a gap semester in Kenya
  • Friday, 12/3/10
    Kaela Wiklund
    Environmental Health Internship at Silent Spring Institute
  • Friday, 11/19/10
    Bianca Young
    The Role of Sphagnum Mosses in Methane Cycling of a Temperate Fen
  • Thursday, 11/18/10
    Grahame Russell, Co-Director of the NGO Rights Action
    Mega "Development" Projects, Mother Earth, and Human Rights
  • Friday, 11/12/10
    Stephanie Oleksyk, Marine Biological Laboratory Ecosystems Center, Woods Hole
    Semester in Environmental Science
  • Friday, 10/1/10
    Steven G. Gilbert, Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders
    Judging the Risks and Hazards of Chemicals -- How Do We Decide?
  • Friday, 9/10/10
    Joanne Picard, Dean of International Studies, McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives
    Spring Semester in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Earth Adventures 2009-2010

  • Friday, 4/23/10
    Ari Baum-Hommes
    Heifer International: Certified Organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Experimental Agriculture
    China Moore
    UMass Tropical Field Biology Class in Costa Rica and Panama
  • Friday, 3/5/10
    Center for the Environment
    Agricultural Internship Opportunities
  • Friday, 2/12/10
    Page May
    Food Security in Sustainable Development: The Case of Chop-and-Mulch Agriculture in Brazil's Amazon
  • Friday, 12/4/09
    Sarah London
    Worldwatch: A Vision of the Future
  • Friday, 11/20/09
    Gerrin Harrison, Admissions Officer, The Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
    Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) and Masters of Forestry (MF) Programs
  • Friday, 10/23/09
    Marty Conway
    So We Decided to Go to Iceland...
  • Friday, 10/2/09
    Kirsten Hansen
    Wordsworth in the Lakes: Mapping Literature Using GIS

Earth Adventures 2008-2009

  • Friday, 4/10/09
    Genevieve Noyce
    The Role of Sedges in Methane Emissions from a Temperate Fen
  • Friday, 4/3/09
    Morgan Lindsay
    A Parable of Water and Power: An Environmental History of Mono Lake, California
  • Friday, 3/27/09
    Cam Weimar
    The Energy-Land Use Dynamic: How our Built Form Limits the Transition to More Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Friday, 3/6/09
    Paliza Shrestha
    Nitrogen Mineralization and Soil Respiration in Response to Nitrogen and Sawdust Addition
  • Friday, 2/27/09
    Sari Juutinen
    Effects of Enhanced Nutrient Supply on Vegetation and Carbon Cycling in an Ombrotrophic Bog
  • Friday, 2/20/09
    Rose Smith
    Measuring the Effects of NPK Fertilization on Photosynthesis and Morphology in Bog Plants in Ontario, Canada
  • Friday, 2/13/09
    Rebecca Jablonski-Diehl
    North Atlantic Right Whales and Ship Strikes
  • Friday, 10/31/08
    Page May
    The Heifer International Project Approach to Development
  • Friday, 10/17/08
    Kelsey Russell
    Exploring the Recruitment Process of Green Corps, and Environmental Leadership Program
  • Friday, 10/3/08
    Isabelle Castillo & Leszek Bledzki
    Stony Brook Watershed Assessment
  • Friday, 9/26/08
    Hannah Doherty
    Post Kyoto: Tackling the Climate Crisis