Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab
When it comes to providing STEM education for historically marginalized populations, Mount Holyoke smashes through barriers.
Kate Ballantine
Mount Holyoke associate professor Kate Ballantine shipped lab kits worldwide to give her students hands-on experience creating new scientific knowledge.
Clockwise from top left: Interim Dean of Faculty Dorothy Mosby, Paula Debnar, Leah Glasser, President Sonya Stephens, Craig Woodard and Kate Ballantine
The recipients of the coveted Mount Holyoke College Faculty Awards were celebrated at a Zoom ceremony replete with warmth and kindness.
This is a picture of Kevin Surprise. He stands outside against a background of greenery. He is smiling, wearing wire frame glasses and a medium blue polo shirt.
Mount Holyoke’s Kevin Surprise cautions that a new push to use geoengineering to darken the sky and slow global warming outstrips international agreements.
Detail of “Onward Over Everything No Matter What II.” Screen printed artist's book, 2019.
Amanda Maciuba, Mount Holyoke assistant professor of art, uses the medium of printmaking to explore and express the layered complexity of the world.