Opportunities and Resources

Opportunities for entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity

  • Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship at UMass
    Organizes entrepreneurship networking events and competitions to provide an excellent opportunity to hone a business model, improve presentation and pitch skills and generate funding and prize money for a new venture.

  • Draper Competition For Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs
    An annual competition designed to hone the skills that undergraduate women need to advance through the process from idea to venture creation.

  • Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Initiative
    Encourages entrepreneurial activity in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts by fostering an educational environment among participating colleges and universities that informs, supports, and inspires students, and by recognizing and awarding students who display entrepreneurial spirit.

  • IBECC: The International Business Ethics Case Competition
    A “business presentation” competition in which teams of 3 – 5 students prepare a presentation to explain the legal, financial and ethical dimensions of a problem and recommend a solution.

  • Kauffman Foundation
    A private foundation that works with entrepreneurs to empower them with tools and resources, and work to break down barriers that stand in the way of starting and growing their businesses.

  • Kauffman FastTrack
    A flexible course designed to support entrepreneurs as they start a business and begin their journey.

  • Valley Venture Mentors
    A nonprofit dedicated to achieving transformational growth for startups and changing the face of the economy in Western Massachusetts by providing expertise and funding through mentorship and accelerator programs.

  • Venture Well
    A visionary group that works directly with a variety of early-stage innovators to help them bring ideas to market through workshops and training, coaching and mentoring, funding and awards.

On-campus Resources


Photo of a student standing at a microphone

McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives

The McCulloch Center is a resource for Global entrepreneurship and education. Learn more.
Image of student at presentation.

Weissman Center for Leadership

Explore and expand your leadership capacities through internships, courses, mentoring, and networking opportunities.
Photo of two students taking part in an internship at the Peterson Estuary

Miller Worley Center for the Environment

The Miller Worley Center enables students to make connections that help them understand the concept of "environment" more broadly in their work and lives.
Photo of students working in the Makerspace


Makerspace provides the resources to support novices and experts alike as they turn their ideas into tangible reality.
Imiage of students participating in hackathon


An interactive computer-science hackathon that fosters a collaborative space for both beginner and seasoned coders.

Community Based Learning

Connect with communities through courses, internships, research and service projects that combine learning and analysis with action and social change.
Photo of the winning code-a-thon team with Chelsea Clinton

Social Innovation Initiative (SI2)

Support, mentorship, and seed funding is available for student innovators who are developing and implementing projects to address world challenges.

Community Based Learning

Connect with communities through courses, internships, research and service projects that combine learning and analysis with action and social change.
Facebook page for the entrepreneurship club

MHC Entrepreneurship Club Facebook Page

Join the Entrepreneurship Facebook group for updates.

Students interested in EOS should also explore our Nexus Curriculum to Career Pathways.

Opportunities for Training