Curricular Initiatives

Mount Holyoke believes that a liberal education is the best preparation for success in all fields. To keep the liberal arts relevant in the twenty-first-century, faculty routinely introduce curricular innovations to equip students with the tools they need to thrive after they graduate.

The Lynk

The Lynk connects each Mount Holyoke student's academic work with practical applications of the liberal arts and sciences. It draws upon many of the resources that Mount Holyoke regards as essential components of a liberal arts education in the twenty-first century while also offering new curriculum-to-career opportunities.


Nexus is an interdisciplinary academic program that enables students to bridge coursework with experiential learning in the following tracks: development studies; educational policy and practice; engineering; global business; journalism, media, and public discourse; law, public policy, and human rights; and nonprofit organizations.

Entrepreneurship Programming

Entrepreneurship Programming is a campus initiative aimed at supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives on campus. It provides students and interested participants with the opportunity to mingle and develop collaboratively with other students, mentors, and professors while working towards engaging the hands and minds towards entrepreneurship.