Christian Gundermann

Associate Professor of Gender Studies

Twentieth-century Latin American, specifically Argentine, film and literature; post-dictatorship studies

Christian Gundermann's interest in Argentine film and literature can be seen in his numerous conference presentations and articles, ranging from "Velocidad y resistencia: Desarrollos en el cine argentino reciente" to "La villa y el barrio: espacio urbano y neoliberalismo en Buenos Aires vice versa de Alejandro Agresti" to "The Tradition of Documentary Film in Argentina." Gundermann has presented papers at Cine-Lit V: An International Conference Hispanic Literature and Cinematographies and at the First Festival of Argentine Political and Social Documentary Film and Video in February 2004.

Gundermann has also written and presented research on queer theory; his essay, "In Search of a Lost Body with Organs: Reclaiming Postcolonial Gay Interiority After Bersani's Reading of Gide," was published by Greenwood Publishing in the anthology Postcolonial and Queer Theories: Intersections and Essays. An article on the queer neobaroque poetry of Argentine/Brazilian poet Néstor Perlongher, forthcoming in Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana, combines his interest in queer theory with the political study of the reinvention of radical politics in postdictatorship societies.

Gundermann teaches a preparatory class for advanced studies in Spanish and a senior seminar on Latin American Cinema from 1950 to the Present.

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