Eugenio J. Marcano

Lecturer in Geography, Geoprocessing Lab Manager, and GIS Specialist

I have 12+ years of experience in GIS and spatial analysis of data. I have been working as GPL manager at Mt. Holyoke College since Summer 2006. Before, I was assistant professor of GIS at Clark University, Worcester, MA from January 2001 to June 2006. And before that I taught and worked with GIS for different universities and public and private institutions in the Dominican Republic.

My interests are application of geospatial technologies to natural resources management, although I have been involved with many other applications of GIS. Among the research I've been involved before coming to MHC include a study of hunger issues and food distribution in the horn of Africa and in Worcester county, land use planning and land cover contrasts along the Haitian/Dominican Border, development of geospatial database for natural resources in the Dominican Republic, conservation planning in the Blackstone river watershed, etc.

The projects I'm involved with now are described in the GPL projects page.

I have been major advisor of the following M.A. students and research at Clark University:

  • Carlos Armas (GISDE/MA ’05): Association between traffic density and other environmental variable with childhood asthma in Worcester, MA
  • Christopher Ayres (GISDE/MA ’05): Land Cover Change and Landscape Fragmentation on the Border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • Eben Swain (GISDE/MA ’05): Use of Remotely Sensed Imagery to Assess Land Use Change and Runoff Characteristics in the Blackstone River Watershed
  • Matt Traina (GISDE/MA ’04): Spatial Epidemiology: Using Data Mining Techniques to Investigate Canine Malignant Lymphoma in Massachusetts
  • Ahmad Bintouq (GISDE/MA ’04): A Framework for a National Effort towards Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the United Arab Emirates: A Case Study of the Government GIS
  • Miguel Castrence (GISDE/MA ’03): Rapid Coral Reef Assessment with Remote Sensing: Local Spatial Autocorrelation in Landsat ETM + Imagery as an Indicator of Ecosystem Health.
  • Maction Komwa (GISDE/MA ’03): Identification of Best-bet Maize-based Cropping Systems in Malawi
  • Oscar Maroto (IDSC/MA '03): Use of GIS and Stakeholder Participation to Determine Conservation Priorities in the Massachusetts Section of the Blackstone River Watershed