Girma Kebbede

Professor of Geography

Ecological problems and their relationship to social, economic, and political development issues in the Horn of Africa; the problems of resource management and environmental deterioration that have manifested themselves in food crises, famine, and drought; the attendant problems of human dislocation and regional conflicts

Girma Kebbede’s interdisciplinary perspective on ecological problems can be seen in both his research and publications. Currently, he is working on a book entitled The Politics of Ecological Restoration and Resource Management: Lessons from Ethiopia. Kebbede is the author of numerous articles and three books, focusing on development, environment, and political conflicts In the Horn of Africa. His latest book is Living With Urban Environmental Health Risks: The Case of Ethiopia.

Kebbede teaches a number of interdisciplinary courses. His introductory courses, World Regional Geography and Political Geography, are listed with the international relations department and the geography department; his intermediate-level courses, such as Human Dimensions of Environmental Change and The African Environments, investigate subjects and topics from political, economic, physical, and cultural perspectives.

In addition to his research and teaching, Kebbede is a member of the International Geographical Union’s Commission on Hazards and Risks.

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